Frequently asked questions

What is Macro?

  • Unlike other systems that simply open your website for a period of time and then exit, 9Hits allows you to use macros commands to create interactions such as click, scroll, etc. on your website.
  • Macro is written based on Javascript v8, so just write your script in javascript syntax combined with our built-in functions, the list of built-in functions and usage are provided in the documentation page.
  • If you encounter any difficulties in using macros, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance!

What are the points?

  • The concept of Point is used by 9Hits to denote one second (1 point = 1 second) that you view a website. Points only use for website hits exchange
  • The number of earned points can be multiplied if the website you are viewing opens popups.
  • E.g. You view a website in 10 seconds, this website opens a popup at the 5th second. Thus, from the 1st to the 5th second, you earn 5 points, and from the 5th to the 10th second, you earn x2 points as 10. The total number of points that you earn is 15 points.
  • Note that the number of points that you earn may vary by your account type.

Can I send/receive points to/from other members?

  • Yes, you can exchange your points with other members, the fee is 10% per transaction.
  • To avoid abusing, both the sender and the receiver need to upgrade their accounts.

How can I get views?

  • To get views, you firstly need to sign up for an account, then add and configure your website to the system.
  • Next, the system will use points in your account to send hits to your websites automatically.
  • To earn points to your account, you can either run the 9Hits Viewer application or purchase for a point packages from us.

How long will it take for my website to be approved?

  • The system has an automatic approving mechanism, your website will be approved almost immediately.
  • However, if your website violates the terms, 9Hits may block it afterward.

How long does it take for my website to start getting views?

  • As long as your account has enough points, you will receive hits almost immediately!

What is the website slots?

  • It is the maximum number of websites that you can add to the system.
  • This number varies by account type, and you can also purchase more slots.

What is 9Hits Viewer?

  • 9Hits Web Viewer is a software which is used to display websites of the members in the system.
  • You can find and download from the 9Hits Panel, which has supported versions for various operating systems.

How many sessions can I run?

  • Each instance of the viewer that you run with a unique IP address is considered a session.
  • When signing up, each account will receive a token key, 9Hits Viewer uses the token key to authenticate for each session that you run, and you are allowed to use the same token key for multiple sessions.

Understand correctly about the Max CPU option on the 9Hits Viewer!

  • Max CPU is not used to limit the CPU usage on 9Hits Viewer on your local computer!
  • All active websites in the system will be measured by 9Hits Viewer about CPU usage and the information will be sent to the 9Hits server. You can easily view statistics on the number of websites by CPU usage at your dashboard.
  • The Max CPU option is used to filter websites by its CPU usage that is measured and collected by 9Hits Viewer, in other words, you can use the Max CPU option to restrict the viewing of heavy websites.
  • E.g: If you set the Max CPU at 60 (%), then, based on the collected measurement data, the 9Hits server will only send back to the Viewer that you are running websites with a CPU usage of less than or equal to 60%. Please note that if you set the Max CPU at too low, it may lower your points earning!
  • 9Hits Viewer that you are running can still view heavy sites that have higher CPU usage than the value that you have set because the website that you are viewing may not be measured yet, or the site needs to be re-measured. However, this case rarely occurs.

How can I refer my friends?

  • You can send your referral link in the 9Hits Panel to your friends.
  • For each friend who signs up under your referral link, you will earn 10% commission points and 25% commission cash from their earning.

Did you not find what you are looking for?

  • If you cannot find useful information here, please feel free to contact us :-)

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