About us

9Hits is an automatic traffic exchange system. Joining our system, you can receive tens of thousands of visits per day from thousand of members around the world. We offer many options that you can configure your website in a flexible manner and fully control the traffic in your own way.
With the enthusiasm of the development team and the unique features that cannot be found in other systems, the number of members is constantly increasing hour to hour. 9Hits would like to bring you the best web traffic solution! Sign up for a free account today!




Live Exchange




Supported features

  • Customize duration
  • GEO-targeting traffic
  • Hourly limit randomly
  • Popups allowed
  • Customize frequency capping
  • Customize user agents
  • Customize traffic source (referrer)
  • Statististic in real-time
  • Interactive by macro
  • Stable and safe viewer application
  • Proxies supported
  • Multiple sessions supported

How does Macro works ?

How it works ?


Only with a valid email, an easy-to-remember username name and password, you can create an account at 9Hits easily, quickly and completely free. Just start to fill your infomation here !


After signing up, login to 9Hits Panel, then add and configure your campaign, you can add one or more campaigns, there are a lot of interesting options are waiting for you to explore here.


Download the 9Hits Viewer software and follow the instructions to start. By running the viewer, you will view websites of the other members, with each of your view, you will earn some points into your account.


9Hits will automatically use your points to deliver hits to your websites that you have added. You can relax now and just leave 9Hits works as well as you can change your campaign settings at any time.