Quick Start 9Hits Viewer

First, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements, then you need to download the 9Hits Viewer application from the 9hits Panel. Select the version that is suitable for your operating system. Double click on the 9hviewer file to open the application. Fill your Token Key and press Start button. Please refer to below to understand the options on the viewer.
Each viewer that you run on one or more different computers is called a session. You can monitor and manage sessions from the 9hits Panel

On Windows, to keep the application running smoothly, you may need to disable error dialogs.


Your token key, used for authentication. You can get the Token from your profile page.


Note for the viewer is currently running

Proxy Type

Connection type for viewer

  • Use System: Use your real IP
  • HTTP Proxy: Use HTTP Proxy
  • Socks4 Proxy: Use Socks4 Proxy
  • Socks5 Proxy: Use Socks5 Proxy
  • SSH: Use SSH
Proxy Server

If you use proxy, fill your proxy server address in this field

Proxy Username

Username uses to authenticate your proxy, if not, just leave it blank

Proxy Password

Password uses to authenticate your proxy, if not, just leave it blank


The current IP address you are using for the viewer


Your username at 9Hits


The sent hits and the points you earned


We have two options to enable websites which has adult content or popups. Accept there websites you can earn more points.


You can Show/Hide the browser while the viewer is running

External Proxy

Using proxies provided by an external server, if you leave the proxy server url empty, the viewer would use default 9hits proxy server, note that the 9hits proxy will only provide you with low-quality proxies and may lower your point earning. We do not recommend you to use the 9hits proxy, use your own proxy/proxy server instead.

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