Quick Start 9Hits Viewer

First, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements and installed required libraries (on Linux), then you need to download the 9Hits Viewer application from the 9hits Panel. Select the version that is suitable for your operating system. Run the file 9hits by double click on it on windows or from terminal (linux) to open the application. Click to the setting button () to open the setting dialog, fill your Token Key and press Save button.

9Hits Viewer

Once your token has been saved, you can now add a session by click to the Add button (), and then press to start it.

9Hits Viewer

Each session you have added is managed to run a browser that viewing websites from the system. You can monitor and manage your sessions from the 9hits Panel

On Windows, to keep the application running smoothly, you may need to disable error dialogs.

Congratulations, you started exchanging traffic with other members in the system and earning points to your account.

You may want to refer to below to understand the other options of the viewer setting.


Note for the viewer is currently running


Your token key, used for authentication. You can get the Token from your profile page.


You can Show/Hide the browser while the viewer is running

Popups and Adult

We have two options to enable websites which has adult content or popups. Accept there websites you can earn more points.


How caching should be stored on your computer.

Auto Start

Start all your added session automatically.

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