Create your own proxy server

What is an external server server?

The external proxy server is a proxy server for the 9Hits Viewer. When you choose to use this option. The viewer will try to get a proxy from the proxy server, obtain a new proxy in the case of a dead or duplicate proxy.

Besides manually setting up proxies, you can choose to use an external proxy server by set the Proxy Type to ExProxy. Next, you can enter the URL address of the proxy server you plan to use. If you leave this blank, the default proxy server of 9Hits will be used.

You can create your own proxy server or get shared from the other members.

9Hits Viewer

Manage your proxy from the proxy pool hosted at 9Hits

You can import proxies to your pool from the proxy pool manager, after successfully importing, just get the Pool URL to use for the 9Hits Viewer.

9Hits Proxy Pool
Create an external proxy pool hosted by you

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