Advanced 9Hits Viewer Use

Run the viewer from the command-line

You can run the viewer from the command-line with the supported arguments as follows

  • --auto-start: Automatically start when starting the viewer
  • --hide-browser: Run with the "Hide Browser" option enabled
  • --session=session-name: Run with the specified session configuration file
  • --minimized: Run the viewer in hidden mode (On Windows, you can right click to the tray icon to hide the viewer)
  • --disable-adult: Run with the "Allow Adult" option disabled
  • --disable-popups: Run with the "Allow Popups" option disabled
Example: 9hviewer.exe --auto-start --hide-browser

Each session and its settings are stored as text files in the sessions folder. You can specify the viewer to load any configuration file via the --session argument. Otherwise, the viewer will run the default configuration file.

Run multiple sessions

9Hits support you to use proxies and run multiple sessions on the same computer to maximize your earning points. But each session needs a unique IP address! To run multiple sessions, click and run the 9hmultiss file. The 9hmultiss file actually manages and runs the 9hviewer file. All options on 9hviewer can be set through 9hmultiss. You can add a session by pressing the Add button or adding multiple sessions at the same time using the Mas Add button.

On Windows, in the order keep the viewer running smoothly, you should run the 9h_hide_error_dialogs.reg file located in the resources folder.

You can open the 9h_start.bat file (or on Linux) for more information about command line arguments.

With a computer with 2 CPU cores and 2GB of RAM, it is recommended to run maximum 4 - 5 sessions.

Warning: Please do not abuse to run too many sessions, your sessions may be rejected and you will not be able to earn points from these sessions. Running the appropriate number of sessions instead of trying to run too much will give you the best results!

9Hits Multiple Sessions

Automate method without GUI

There is a shared script on the Linux system which you can use to install the 9Hits Viewer fast and easy.

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