9Hits Traffic Bot

What is 9Hits Traffic Bot?

9Hits Traffic Bot is a software that generates traffic using proxies. This is an extra part of 9Hits, which is free for PREMIUM and VIP members. All traffic, campaigns, proxies are managed locally on your computer and are completely separate from traffic exchange in the 9Hits system. Nothing of 9Hits Traffic Bot is maintained on the 9Hits Panel (such as campaigns, statistics, proxies, etc. They are stored locally, as mentioned). Except for monitoring the status (online/offline) of the computers on which you are running the bot. So please do not confuse the 9Hits Traffic Bot with the 9Hits Viewer.

9Hits Traffic Bots Features
  • Multithreading can set the number of threads by the hour.
  • Support most types of proxies (HTTP, Socks4 / 5, SSH, Rotating / Back-connect, Luminati).
  • Simulate mobile devices with touch processors.
  • Support downloading files / automatically deleting downloaded files
  • Customize User-Agent (device, screen resolution, etc.)
  • Create interaction with powerful Macros.
  • Bypass captcha

9Hits Traffic Bot

Available arguments

You can run the bot from command-line with there arguments:

  • --minimized
  • --auto-start
  • --hide-tray-icon

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