Profile Mode

Open Profile Mode

Profile Mode is a new feature since version 1.2.9, unlike Bot Mode, Profile Mode allows you to create and manage separate profiles, for registering/logging multiple accounts on the same website or any similar purposes.
You can easily switch between Bot Mode and Profile Mode by the switch button on the top-left of the bot.

9Hits Traffic Bot - Campaign Manager

Profile configuration
  • Title: Naming your profile
  • Urls: Links to receive traffic, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Referrers: Link to fake sources, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Browser Width/Height: Browser size.
  • Duration: Range of duration to view your website, the bot will view at a random duration between the range that you set
  • Max Popups: Maximum number of popups that can be opened.
  • Proxy: Proxy information: Type, server, user/pass
  • Main Macro: Macros to execute while the profile is running.
  • Popups Macros: Macros to execute on every opened popups.
  • User Agent: User Agent string, default is chrome
  • Accept Language: Browser language
  • Hardware: Number of CPUs and RAM size
  • GEO: Spoof GEO location.
  • Plugin and Mimetypes: Spoof plugin and mime types.
  • Screen: Spoof screen resolution, color/pixel depth, touch supports.
  • Timezone: Spoof timezone.
  • Browser Fingerprint: Canvas, Audio, Client Rect and Font.
  • WebRTC: Enable/Disable, spoof public/private IP address
  • Audio: Enable/Disable audio.
  • WebSecurity: Enable/Disable web security (same-origin policy).
  • WebGL Properties: Spoof WebGL properties.

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