Manage Bot User Agents

Open the campaign manager

To open the User-Agent manager, click the User Agents button on the bot. Here, you can add, duplicate, delete your User-Agent. Note that you need to click the Save button after you are done.

9Hits Traffic Bot - User-Agent Manager

User-Agent configuration

You can adjust the usage rate of User-Agent groups by changing the slider.

  • Name: Naming your user agent group
  • Settings
    • Browser Size: Width x Height in Pixel
    • Screen Size: Fake screen size, Width x Height in Pixel, set to zero to use the default (real screen size)
    • Color/Pixel Depth: Fake Color/Pixel Depth, set to zero to use the default (real color/pixel depth)
    • Touch: Simulate touch processor (for example this user agent-group is mobile or tablet)
    • DPR: Simulate device pixel ratio: Normally use on the mobile user agent. Example value: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5. set to zero to use the default.
  • User Agents: List of user agent string, one per line, the bot will use randomly

You can go to to get more user agents.

9Hits Traffic Bot - User-Agent configuration

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