Manage Bot Campaign

Open the campaign manager

To open the campaign manager, click the button on the bot. Here, you can add, duplicate, delete, change the status of your campaigns.

9Hits Traffic Bot - Campaign Manager

Campaign configuration
  • Title: Naming your campaign
  • Urls: Links to receive traffic, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Referrers: Link to fake sources, one link per line, the bot will use randomly.
  • Duration: Range of duration to view your website, the bot will view at a random duration between the range that you set
  • Enabled: Enable/Disable the campaign.
  • Main Macro: Macros to execute while the browser is viewing your site.
  • Popups Macros: Macros to execute on every opened popups.
  • User Agent: You may choose to use the global user agent setting or a special user agent group.
  • Max Popups: The number of popups allowed to open.
  • Block Regex: Block urls on the browser by a regular expression.
  • Accept Language: Set the browser language by country of the current IP viewing your website. By default it will be en-US, to make this feature work, you need to GEO your proxy list. You can also modify the available accept languages by country code from the config\accept-languages.txt file to add more or edit them.
  • Disable Image Rate: Turn off the image loading according to a rate you set

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