9Hits Traffic Bot - Configuration

Disable Windows error dialogs

On Windows, to keep the application running smoothly, you may need to disable error dialogs.

Get your license key

You can get the token key to set up the bot from the your profile page. Copy and paste your token into the "license.txt" file.

On the Linux system, you may need to install some libraries
sudo apt-get -y install libnss3 libxss1 libgconf-2-4 p7zip-full p7zip-rar
You may also want to see how to run the bot on Centos and Debian

General Settings

  • Proxy Type: Choose the correct type of proxy you use.
  • Proxy Source: Your proxy source file, the bot will read proxies by default from the proxies file.txt in the config folder. You can set the path to any file on your computer, or a link to your source proxies. If you set it as a link, the bot will automatically reload proxies after using all the proxies. If your proxies have authentication, you can set these proxies in IP;user;pasword format (separated by semicolon)
  • Note: Note for the current computer, this note will appear on the bot sessions page.
  • Update URL, Frequency Check: Please read the custom update feature.
  • Auto Update: Allow the bot to update automatically when there is a new version.
  • Random Proxies: Use the proxies list randomly
  • Random Campaigns: Use the campaigns randomly
  • Rotating Mode: Tell the bot that your proxy is rotating/back-connect
  • Loop Forever: Loop your proxy list forever. If you disable this option, the bot will stop when all your proxy has been used
  • Hide Browser: Hide the browser while the bot is running
  • Allow Downloads: Allow the browser to download files
  • Auto Delete Downloads: Automatically delete a file as soon as it is downloaded
  • Log Dead Proxies: Log dead proxies. They are saved in the logs\deadproxies folder
  • Optimize Performance: If this option is enabled, you can lower the quality of traffic. We recommend that you turn this option off
Hourly Threads

You can set the number of threads (number of browsers running at the same time) by the hour. It may be the same or different


If you set Proxy Type as Luminati, you have to set up your Luminati account here

  • Server: Luminati server
  • Username: Luminati username
  • Password: Luminati password
  • Countries: Targeting countries.

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